Wendell G. Collier



Wendell G. Collier : 

Toronto based filmmaker and member of Miawapukek First Nation (NL), Wendell G. Collier is passionate about storytelling and highlighting Canadian issues that affect Indigenous Peoples. His recently completed documentary film Sober House : A Sign of Change in Cree Nation is now playing on CBC’s new GEM platform. It was chosen to be highlighted as part of National Indigenous History Month. 

An industry veteran, as a Documentary Series Director and DOP for broadcast for over 15 years (CBC, Discovery, History, National Geographic ect.) not to mention his commercial portfolio (Sobeys, NFL Canada, Corby, Cuso International etc), He also brings a wealth of knowledge and creative approach to any project.

In his work Wendell strives to create pieces that focus on current issues, cultural connections, and have a positive impact on the representation of Indigenous people in media. 

Wendell believes storytelling can be a powerful way for audiences to heal, learn, and explore. Currently, Wendell is now working and developing several projects including a dramatic limited-run series, a digital documentary series and continues to work as a mentor with emerging Indigenous talent.


Wendell G. Collier